Welcome RaspberryPI Model B+!

Haven’t you met RaspberryPi model B+ already? Born and raised from feedback given since RaspberryPi B was launched (two years ago), it includes many fixes and small improvements, at the same price!!

RaspberryPi model B+

RaspberryPi model B+ improvements:

You won’t notice any difference on the inside, it runs the same software and still has 512MB RAM, but it includes key improvements:

  • 4 USB ports, instead of 2.
  • MicroSD card socket, replacing the big SD card socket.
  • Low-noise power supply, enabling a nicer audio.
  • Composite video is integrated onto the 3.5mm jack. Two functionalities  in one black button.
  • Lower power consumption.
  • 40 pins at the GPIO header, 26 with the original layout and 14 more than Model B

If you’re thinking about getting the new one, check adafruit’s post about what does/doesn’t work anymore. And listen to first hand improvements from the RaspberryPi Foundation:

Do you know that biicode supports fully RaspberryPi? You can reuse from WiringPi library to access easily to Raspberry Pi’s GPIO system
Happy hacking!

Stay tuned

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