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At biicode we want to provide a new programming environment to C and C++ developers. Our tool already includes its core dependency management features alongside CMake build system. With biicode you can also publish your code to our cloud and keep it private. But a complete environment requires more tools like IDEs, compilers etc. Since software is present everywhere and the state of technology requires it to be up-to-date constantly, developers work hard to push their code’s latest version as soon as they know it works better than the previous one.
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What can biicoders expect from VersionEye?

biicoders keep publishing more and more blocks to our cloud. But software evolves constantly and it does so in versions. When handling dependencies one of the aspects a developer has to take into account is the version of the software linked. VersionEye will monitor versions and licenses from any open source project for free. For example, you can now monitor biicode itself since we recently went open source. They offer other services for minimum prices too, go check them here.

How does VersionEye work

VersionEye is a unique channel to keep you posted on the versions of the open source software you use. And admit it, you use a heck of a lot of OSS. VersionEye is simple: just upload your biicode.conf file to let VersionEye know your project dependencies. Once parsed, it will list them and you’ll be able to follow them and update them at the spot! This process will be done automatically by VersionEye so you have to worry about nothing. If you require more detail about how VersionEye works, find an in-depth explanation in their blog.

biicode in VersionEye

VersionEye’s crawler has already been putting to work our API and the results are wonderful. We believe that partnering with VersionEye is good for our users so we encourage them to sign up. Don’t waste time and go check all of biicode’s public projects and never miss an update!! Click on the biicode logo.
Check biicode's blocks in VersionEye



references and up-to-date dependencies

From now on, besides from not missing any dependencies’ update, biicoders can see in VersionEye how many biicode blocks reference theirs:



Just like miguel can see that 20 biicode blocks refer to his SDL2 biicode block.

As biicode badges let people know which libraries are available in biicode, VersionEye’s dependency and reference badges enable knowing dependencies’ status and the number of packages referencing.

Stay tuned to our Twitter, Facebook and Google + accounts for more new features. Here to help C and C++ development achieve modern and agile environments.


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