New Terms of Service

We talked about our old Terms of Service in a previous post and we explained then why we hadn’t paid enough attention to them while the developing the tool. The latter has evolved and added such degrees of complexity that the legal support for the users and the company needed a rethink and a rephrasing to say the least. And that’s exactly what we did: after consulting with our legal counselors and talking to companies that provide similar services, we have revamped the ToS, check the new ones here.

biicode's new Terms of service

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Those are my ToS, and if you don’t like them…well I have others.


In my last post I stated that I am not afraid of technical challenges, but that I had made a mistake about the community challenge involved in launching a tool as biicode. I’ve been a C and C++ developer for years, I have released some projects as open source, collaborated in industrial projects and met many other developers, I’ve taught those languages thousands of hours and organized many activities as robotic contests programmed in such languages. So I thought that belonging to that community implied fully understanding such community. It was a big mistake.

Biicode's new ToS

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