BITSCAN efficiency at a glance

BITSCAN 1.0, our exclusive C++ library developed by Pablo San Segundo for sets of bits greater than the CPU register word, has proven its efficiency!

In order to find out if BITSCAN  was fast enough to be a substantial improvement over other libraries that manage bit strings, it has been  compared with std::bitset and  boost::dynamic_bitset similar data structures.

A comment on basic features

STL ‘s Bitset (stl∷bitset) is NOT dynamic (i.e. the size of the bit string must be provided in compilation time by as a template parameter), so it does not actually provide the same functionality.

Boost´s Dynamic Bitset (boost:dynamic_bitset) is similar in functionality  in fast forward bit scanning. However, Boost does NOT currently support reverse bit scanning which is important in many applications.

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Exclusively at biicode, BitScan library!

We like having at your disposal all types of libraries and today we’re bringing BITSCAN, a new C++  64bit library that our co-founder Pablo San Segundo built.

BITSCAN is optimized for fast bitscanning operations.

How does it operate?  It manages bit strings and collects the bits in strings of 64 bits .

BITSCAN library has been used successfully to implement BBMC (bit board maximum clique), an efficient state of the art maximum clique algorithm.

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The road out of Arduino libraries-mess

On any given occasion that you start an Arduino project with new hardware, the first of all things to be done is looking for libraries that support your hardware for Arduino.

This invariably wastes your time: manual search, manual download & installation of the libraries. And not a single version control in the process (you can’t have different versions of the same named library).

Arduino libraries

Credit: Wikipedia

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