How to make a Raspberry Pi surveillance and alarm

It’s the 1st of July,  and hopefully you are lucky enough to go on holiday soon, this is a great way to make a useful project right before leaving home alone!

This is a cheap but powerful system of surveillance and alarm,  we know it’s always hard to leave home  for a long trip, but now you can be confident!

We’d love to thank first @sistemasorp , the #biicontest finalist that hacked this project!

rasberry pi alarm

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Moving servos with arduino, pca9685 and a nunchuk

Hi all!

As all you know, we have many adafruit libraries allocated at biicode, including the one to handle the PCA9685, capable of moving up to 16 servos. Also You can find the nunchuck library, that allows to use nunchucky. That’s all the software you need to move some servos using a joystick.

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IoT: how to use twitter with your Arduino, Temboo and Adafruit HW.

Today’s biiday comes in to prove that you can easily make anything you can imagine! This is the first one of a set of three posts in which temboo services are used with:

  • Get a tweet of your timeline whenever you shake your Arduino. (today’s project)
  • Get the New York Times news directly on your email. (tomorrow post)
  •  How many clicks does my bitly link get? (available on friday)

The layout below has been made for an Arduino mega2560, to use twitter with your Arduino. Arduino + Twitter Sketch Continue reading

IoT: Control your Arduino by phone with Nexmo and Temboo (and Adafruit HW)

What’s this biiday project about? Get your Arduino to call you whenever the temperature rises!

In this case, we’re going to make our Arduino board call a phone based on the temperature value obtained from the 10-DOF IMU Breakout module, and then remotely control it with the keypad.

To connect to temboo, we’re using the Adafruit CC300 WiFi Module and reusing code from diego/ardunet.

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IoT and Arduino: Fill a SpreadSheet in your Google Drive with CC3000 WiFi and temboo service

What is this biiday project about?

Take your Arduino to filling real data from you home to any SpreadSheet in your Google Drive account, in this case with some values obtained from the 10-DOF IMU Breakout module : pitch, roll, altitude, pressure and temperature.

Our code, reuses from the diego/ardunet block in order to connect us with the CC3000 WiFi module.

And the new Ardunet block with SpreadSheet service for Arduino has the functions to achieve the data filling. The following layout was made for an Arduino Mega 2560:

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