biicode goes open source

biicode is an open source C and C++ dependency manager that basically consists of two parts: a client installed in the user’s machine and a cloud populated with the best and most popular C and C++ libs and frameworks. To make one’s source code dependent on any of them, just use #includes. Today biicode is releasing the source code of the client and the common services as part of a programmatic, comprehensive, full-on open source roadmap.

One of the biggest aims of biicode’s founders was to provide a useful and modern tool for the C and C++ communities. Because some of us believe that, despite the wonderful adoption and usage numbers of both programming languages, the current programming environment is not the best to address the challenges the software industry needs. We are trying to improve this landscape by providing a multi-language, cross-platform dependency manager that incorporates CMake as build system. A transversal, multipurpose, open source tool.

Fortunately for us, there is a vast community of open source advocates amongst the C and C++ developers. Thus our step forward by welcoming the C and C++ communities to our development efforts. We have now on our side a whole army of developers and thus we feel stronger. Much stronger.
biicode is open sourcing its code base starting of by it's brand new open source client

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Work hard, play hard: new release, biicode 1.0 is already here!

Every once in a while, we all have to work harder than ever. It’s probably different for each one of us, but we all feel the willpower to achieve greatness.

For us, biicoders, it means working pretty hard (for almost two months) on a major release: Biicode 1.0 , with numerous demanded features you have been asking for.

This is a foretaste before you Get Started!

  • no more workspaces.
  • no sign up needed.
  • flat-files, fully integrable with version control systems.
  • greater configuration options of biicode with CMake.
  • you can publish as DEV, the development tag, so you can test your stuff.

And to take a breath right before putting the finishing touches to biicode 1.0, we went to play paint-ball.

Paint-Ball Biicode

After that we joined for a tasty barbecue!

Sign up  today and don’t miss the results of this work hard – play hard!

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