C++14 is out!

Professor Jose Daniel García (UC3M) explains its main features:

This week ISO/IEC JTC1 has reported that DIS 14882, the revision to the C++ Standard, has been APPROVED with 0 negative votes. What does this mean in practice? Well, it is just another step towards the publication of the new version of the C++ standard that will eventually get the official name of ISO/IEC 14882:2014 (C++14 for friends).

C++14 is out thanks to this people's consensus.

The ISO C++ committee aka WG21. Not standard people at all!

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A quick approach to BITSCAN

This is is a small explanation about BITSCAN, the C++ library exclusively developed by Pablo San Segundo.

BITSCAN is dedicated to the efficient processing of bit strings. In programming, a bit string is a data structure that stores collections of 1s and 0s. It gets interesting when those 1s and 0s refer to a Boolean property of a group, so that each element of this group is identified by a bit of that chain.

Time to move your pawns forward

A good example of this is the game of chess. In a chessboard each position is formed by six different types of pieces with two possible colours. A string of 64 bits can encode the position of all pieces of the same type and color on the board (e.g. “white pawns”) by referring each bit to a square with the semantics of a value to 1 (TRUE) if the square is occupied by a piece of the chosen type and 0 (FASLE) otherwise. Continue reading

Work hard, play hard: new release, biicode 1.0 is already here!

Every once in a while, we all have to work harder than ever. It’s probably different for each one of us, but we all feel the willpower to achieve greatness.

For us, biicoders, it means working pretty hard (for almost two months) on a major release: Biicode 1.0 , with numerous demanded features you have been asking for.

This is a foretaste before you Get Started!

  • no more workspaces.
  • no sign up needed.
  • flat-files, fully integrable with version control systems.
  • greater configuration options of biicode with CMake.
  • you can publish as DEV, the development tag, so you can test your stuff.

And to take a breath right before putting the finishing touches to biicode 1.0, we went to play paint-ball.

Paint-Ball Biicode

After that we joined for a tasty barbecue!

Sign up  today and don’t miss the results of this work hard – play hard!

Stay tuned

Build a smiley mechatronic face today with biicode and arduino!

Control 12 servo motors located in a mechatronic face. It uses a makey makey board to switch between controllers: a wii nunchuck or a tv remote control.

This biiday project comes in by Julio Caso, one of our users!

mechatronic face biicode

Follow this step by step recipe to successfully build this project. If any doubts come, just post a comment!

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#biicontest 2014 submit deadline is here!

You can relax now, we’ve got all your awesome projects.

Now it’s time for our great jurors to discuss which project is better. We’re pretty certain that their experienced hands, will choose accurately!

We’ll announce the winners April 30th 2014.

Wanna know more about our contestants? Meet PROHUS Telecoum Team:

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The road out of Arduino libraries-mess

On any given occasion that you start an Arduino project with new hardware, the first of all things to be done is looking for libraries that support your hardware for Arduino.

This invariably wastes your time: manual search, manual download & installation of the libraries. And not a single version control in the process (you can’t have different versions of the same named library).

Arduino libraries

Credit: Wikipedia

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