Template Metaprogramming with Modern C++: templates in depth

Template Metaprogramming with Modern C++: Templates in depth

The last time  we learnt what metaprogramming was, how metaprogramming in C++ via templates works, and the functional spirit of the embedded language that C++ template metaprogramming is.

In this post we will learn C++ templates in depth: Class and function templates, template parameters, variadic templates, all with in depth examples.
SPOILER: Finally, there is no SFINAE explanation on this post. This has a large amount of contents to be read and understood, I think understanding correctly the template system and the different categories of template parameters is good enough for a single (But large) blog post. Of course, if there is any problem feel free to post a comment here.

Template Metaprogramming Modern C++ in biicode
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C++14 is out!

Professor Jose Daniel García (UC3M) explains its main features:

This week ISO/IEC JTC1 has reported that DIS 14882, the revision to the C++ Standard, has been APPROVED with 0 negative votes. What does this mean in practice? Well, it is just another step towards the publication of the new version of the C++ standard that will eventually get the official name of ISO/IEC 14882:2014 (C++14 for friends).

C++14 is out thanks to this people's consensus.

The ISO C++ committee aka WG21. Not standard people at all!

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