The Pragmatic C++ Programmer

 A couple of days ago I was studying at my university library when my colleague Miguel Madrid got up and started to traverse the library looking for programming books. It’s a game we usually play, to find out a good quality book in a place full of Java 2 SE manuals…

There are some gems on that library though. There’s a couple of copies of Alexandrescu’s “Modern C++ Design” (No longer that Modern, right?) and “C++ Template Metaprogramming”, the latter only borrowed by me in the last five years according to the registry. I always try to have a copy of both, it’s easy since there are only a few people doing C++ there, never reaching the “TMP mental asylum” I’m usually in.

But that day, Miguel reached me with a copy of “The Pragmatic Programmer”. “One of the most influential books in the history of software engineering” the cover says. I’m so scared of how software engineering examples look like


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