How to make a Raspberry Pi surveillance and alarm

It’s the 1st of July,  and hopefully you are lucky enough to go on holiday soon, this is a great way to make a useful project right before leaving home alone!

This is a cheap but powerful system of surveillance and alarm,  we know it’s always hard to leave home  for a long trip, but now you can be confident!

We’d love to thank first @sistemasorp , the #biicontest finalist that hacked this project!

rasberry pi alarm

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#biicontest 2014 submit deadline is here!

You can relax now, we’ve got all your awesome projects.

Now it’s time for our great jurors to discuss which project is better. We’re pretty certain that their experienced hands, will choose accurately!

We’ll announce the winners April 30th 2014.

Wanna know more about our contestants? Meet PROHUS Telecoum Team:

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