Project Domo: Domotics with Arduino

Turning the heating on before arriving home, watching real-time video from the inside, automatically turning the alarm on when you leave home… These are common tasks you would like to implement in a smart domotized home.

However, incorporating domotic systems to our home is still hard due to lack of an effective, simple and cheap commercial solution that fits our needs, or maybe the steps required to make it yourself are far too complex. When you realize the options available aren’t what you were looking for, and you have tried DIY solutions to automate things with Arduino, the idea comes up clear to your mind: I want to create my own domotics with arduino.

Domotics with Arduino

In this post I will talk about my domotics project using Arduino to incorporate some automation to my bedroom.

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Unleash your Arduino projects

For months, we’ve been posting tutorials to unleash your Arduino projects and provide all C++ power to Arduino projects with multiple classes and files. But not until we were on a workshop for newbies, we realized we have been missing the basics on how to use biicode to program your arduino.

So let’s get started, Biicode is a client interface aplication (CLI)  and to use it open the Terminal of your computer.

Arduino projects easily setup in biicode

biicode technology gives you several advantages to richen your Arduino experience:

  • Save your project in different folders for a better organization.
  • Reuse yours and other user´s code. Reuse made easy: just #include the file you need and you get it. No more copy and paste files from project to project or dowloading zip files from tutorials.
  • This is a simple and fast way to compile and upload your code to your Arduino.
  • Use your favorite IDE or text editor, we also provide Eclipse integration.
  • We are hosting adafruit, sparkfun and many other libraries, you won’t need to download and install libraries in your SDK anymore.

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Drinkuino – An Arduino Cocktail Maker with Android remote control

Make an Arduino Cocktail Maker.

With Drinkuino project, you can order your drinks through your Android mobile phone and via bluetooth your Arduino will receive the order and serve them to you. Are you ready to make your own Arduino cocktail maker?

Thanks to Drinkuino team for this great project!

Arduino Cocktail Maker

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Open source hack with biicode: Control lights with Arduino.

Try this open hardware and open source hack to turn on/off lights with just a touch.

We present you Lighttech, an Arduino project to control light via InfraRed. Thanks to @icar0 and for this great project.

Hardware needed:

Arduino Leonardo board used in the open source hack

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Build a smiley mechatronic face today with biicode and arduino!

Control 12 servo motors located in a mechatronic face. It uses a makey makey board to switch between controllers: a wii nunchuck or a tv remote control.

This biiday project comes in by Julio Caso, one of our users!

mechatronic face biicode

Follow this step by step recipe to successfully build this project. If any doubts come, just post a comment!

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