SpainLabs made their project as they met: ONLINE

Meet today SpainLabs Team:

Juan_SpainlabsPicture: Juan, Microsoft admin, Informatics Engineer Student at La Coruña University and SpainLabs co-founder.
Carlos_SpainLabsPicture: Carlos, Electronics Engineer Student living in Santander. Electronics Student and Tinkerer. Also a SpainLabs collaborator.

Juan plays with Arduino whenever he has some time, ever since 2007-2008 when he bought his first Arduino UNO. He hasn’t touched a Raspberry PI, but he has one ordered. He hopes he’s able to play with it this summer and make an Octorprint, and ambilight or an arcade machine. Who knows..

Carlos, as an Electronics Engineering Student, has always enjoyed tinkering, since he was a child he played with everything he found on his way. He thinks that Arduino world is very accessible for all kind of users and it’s a powerful environment to develop all kinds of projects. He has been playing with Arduino for four years now, he started with easy stuff and got to achieve this project with his team-mate.

After meeting at SpainLabs forum, it occured to them to go ahead and develop a project they could present to biicontest, at the same time that they can collaborate and prove that team work is needed for all kinds of projects.

How do they feel about biicontest?

“There aren’t many opportunities to present group projects or to be challenged by the competitiveness around the contest, whatever kind it is. That’s why we thought about making the project we had in mind, more encouraged than ever, knowing that we could get public acknowledgment and that our project will be shared with other users.

Also, to get ideas from other user’s projects whom are also sharing their projects and to develop them that ideas in our designs.

Furthermore, Biicode helps to achieve this kind of group projects and even though we don’t live at the same city, which could be a hitch or a bump to make this kind of projects. Thanks to this kind of tools, social networks and others, we carried out this project. We had constant comunication and each of us shared ideas.”

Of course we’ll recommend others to join biicontest, as we said before, it’s an additional motivation, and not just that, but everything that involves developing a project. Acquiring new knowledge, learning team-work and all this, without a need of beign face-to-face.”

Well, that’s it for now but stay tuned, our winners will be announced soon!

Also, some interesting projects to replicate & learn are coming…

Stay tuned

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