biicode will be in the South Summit

Folks, did you know that the Spanish start-up ecosystem is flourishing? Google is the latest big player to land on Spanish soil and become an active agent in this blooming sector. Well, almost of the key players will be at the Spain Startup South Summit. And we obviously want to be there.

Spain Startup South Summit. biicode will be there.

Spain Startup South Summit: what’s going on there

Spain Startup’s South Summit is taking place from the 8th to the 10th of October at Las Ventas bullfighting arena. It will gather a vast number of leading investors, entrepeneurs, devs, designers… Take a look at the list here.

Biicode will be pitching the 8th in the High Tech start-up competition at around 16:45 in the pitching stage. Once this is over we hope to make some interesting contacts and networking.

What biicode is looking for in the South Summit

C/C++ dependency manager

There’s an huge amount of events going during the three days the event lasts; we are absolutely amazed by the rich content and relevant speakers there are. But we have to stay focused:
We are currently looking for our series B funding thus the opportunity to find some smart investor interesting in funding high tech, solidly developed dev tools is unique. Please give us a shout if anyone is interested in having a chat with either Diego Rodríguez-Losada (CEO) or Jordi Mon Companys (Marketing Manager).

We are high tech developer’s tool. This is why we rock and this is where we come from. We aim to become the best dependency manager for C and C++ languages. We have the team, the ideas and the passion for our product; we need your counsil and trust.

Find us in the Bizzabo netoworking site → JordiDiego

See ya!


That was crazy. We had a great time there. We had time to most of the investors we had an appointment with like Pablo Lancry of Bankinter, or Javier Ulecia and Jose Luis Gómez both of Bullnet. We couldn’t have done it without our friends and investors from the Fundación Entrecanales, especially without Lourdes Álvarez de Toledo who managed to introduce us to many other interesting contacts like Marcos Aubeso Parellada a Caixa Capital Risc analyst. We also were fortunate enough to meet journalists specialized in the startup spehere like Jaime Novoa who is currently covering in such detail the Spanish start-up scene that Novobrief has become the main reference to anyone willing to have an expert’s view on the matter.

We wonder however who has enough time to complete one’s tasklist in events like this: it’s practically impossible. For example, we would have loved to say hello to Mary Grove who’s Google for Entrepeneurs is landing in Madrid in 2015. We couldn’t be happier to see Madrid’s start-up scene shake and grow. Welcome guys!
Google for Entrepeneurs presented at the spain startup south summit
In conclusion, we had a blast and morevoer we made excellent contacts. Hopefully this high level networking and our hard work (we keep releasing updates and bug fixes every fortnight! Check version 1.8.5. HERE) will prove useful and will allow us to conclude soon our second round investment.

Congratulations to Spain Startup for pulling off such a great event. See you next year.

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