Open Source Arduino Smart Watch

Watchduino is an open source Arduino Smart Watch that combines inexpensive electronic parts with complex Arduino (C++) code. It’s fully hackable from hardware to software. You can build your own one, it’s useful and reprogrammable.

Arduino Smart Watch

Credit: Coconauts

@coconauts has optimized the code and the components after a lot of prototypes. The final result includes a small battery that can last more than a week without recharging.

Components to replicate the Arduino Smart Watch:

  • ATMega 328 with Arduino boot
  • Crystal oscillator (16Mhz)
  • LiPo battery (240mAh)
  • LiPo battery charger (usb)
  • Nokia 5110 LCD screen
  • 6 x Mini push buttons
  • Breadboard
  • Stripboard
  • Jump Wires
  • Buzzer
  • Any 4 pin connector (LiPo /Usb mini)

The coding.

Execute these commands to see everything on your computer and then compile it and upload to your Arduino.

Just remember you can directly type username cause there’s no need to sign up to reuse.

Now substitute the main.cpp file content for this one:

Save the new file, execute this and you’re ready to go:

Want to see the code you are using or opening locally? Watchduino’s code is located in biicode

This block has the following dependencies:

A Smart watch is as smart as you program it. Coconauts added lots of functionality to their needs, but it’s a nice idea to program yours  by providing your own custom apps, alarms or whatever you can imagine. You can also hack the system. The developers recommend to build a physical WatchDuino, even if it is on a breadboard so you can try the code you make or that their code works.

You can also use watchduino as a framework and program your own customization to plug on it.

Interested?  You can find how to mount it in their repo’s explanation.

Happy hacking!

Stay tuned

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