New Terms of Service

We talked about our old Terms of Service in a previous post and we explained then why we hadn’t paid enough attention to them while the developing the tool. The latter has evolved and added such degrees of complexity that the legal support for the users and the company needed a rethink and a rephrasing to say the least. And that’s exactly what we did: after consulting with our legal counselors and talking to companies that provide similar services, we have revamped the ToS, check the new ones here.

biicode's new Terms of service

A few things about the new Terms of Service

The aforementioned degrees of complexity can be listed as follows:

  • Going open source
  • User code licensing
  • Deletion of accounts
  • Free and Premium accounts

Open Source

biicode just announced the release of its code (read more here), thus the new ToS take this new reality into consideration. In fact, alongside the Community Guidelines, Privacy Policy and the licence under which the user’s code is, these ToS guide the usage of the tools. Therefor their importance is capital and, as you can see we do not modify them carelessly or unadvisedly; on the contrary we welcome your input and we try as much as possible to be developer friendly. We support as much as we can the C and C++ communities.


We have released both the client and the common services of biicode under MIT licence. We believe this license gives free space for anyone to fork, modify, merge etc. biicode’s code and thus experiment or even create with it new products. Again, we’d love to see the C and C++ community blossom with tools that conform a modern programming environment.

Another aspect of the licensing of code affects the code supported (uploaded to) biicode’s cloud. We have also modified this application of the ToS in favour of easily licensing user. If no licence is indicated, full copyright protection is granted to the user that uploaded the code except for biicode’s Minimum Required Licence required to provide the services of access and query to other user’s of the code uploaded to free accounts, i.e. to show it in the our site.

All of biicode’s users will be informed of these changes in an email to come in the next few days.

Anyway, please take a look at the new ToS and tell us what you think. We welcome your feedback and input.

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