Meet the team: we’ve got a new biicoder, Jorge Combalia!


Jorge Combalia is our pixel-perfect obsessed Visual and UX Designer. It’s been five months now since he joined our team.

What brings you to Madrid, Jorge?

After several years studying and working in San Francisco, I decided to come back to Madrid, the place where I was born and where I have spent most of my life. Here I have family and friends. My girlfriend and I are expecting a baby so we want to be close to ours right now. Besides, in the United States you can’t do anything without a working Visa and the lawyers of the company I worked for, sent a few hours later my dossier to the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) for the renewal of my visa, so we had to make a choice about where to settle and Madrid seemed the best option for all of us.

Do you always stay here?

What do you mean?

Are you planning to stay here for good or for a long term period?

Well, I don’t now yet. Madrid is a great place to be, I love the city and my job, also  the rhythm and movement in here, the professional stage, there is a lot of colour! I love travelling and I consider myself an eager person so it’s possible that we keep moving in a few years.

How did you come to work with us?

A week after landing in Madrid I saw a very attractive offer in, in which you were looking for a UI/UX Designer, I really liked the requirements you were looking for and I felt it was a perfect fit with my profile and background.

Although I had already designed for software developing companies, this felt different, biicode’s project is soooo interesting!

Manuel and Diego told me the need to unify web technology and design for this reuse source code software and I found it challenging. It’s the most complicated and rewarding project I’ve ever done. Biicode it’s a start-up with a huge potential, I want to be part of this giving my two cents.

Working as a Visual & UX Designer at biicode, what is it like?

As I was just saying, this is more than a challenge, I love working with such a professional team, not even in “Silicon Valley” had I seen such a high level, I like to work closely with programmers and developers, seeing the tech we work with and how well does communication work. In the team we all get along very well and it shows in the results of our product.

Does it feel any different from where you have been before?

Actually my goals are always the same, get a friendly and simple visual environment.

At biicode, the daily scrums allow a fluidity and agility developing, I get lots of feedback and priorities are discussed without the need to wait for eternal protocol confirmations. I n other companies I have worked for, my designs went through several departments that sometimes the final result turned out very different from the original. Here, the flexibility relies on colleagues work, everyone is great at what they do. It’s such a collaborative environment in which communication is easy and fast.

Where does you heart lies in designing?

In terms of design I love simplicity and cleanness. My efforts are in 50/50 usability  and design, users having good visual experiences while finding what they are looking for quickly. Typography, flat design, iconography, color coding, large images, infinite scrolls, simple and accurate content.

And which are the most interesting territories in terms of design innovation?

There’s very capable people anywhere. I have had the pleasure of working with truly cracks. In San Francisco two of each three people either programs or designs, and the third is always a professional hipster. SO it’s easy to quickly soak for trends. I like and follow the work of many designers NY, LA, Berlin, MAD and BCN.

What exciting things do you think technology will do for designers in the near future?

I think the future is now, we work in the clouds and we share everything :). Everything is already happening, internet of things, more intuitive CMS, online software is moving rapidly, multi-device platforms, more reliable information, libraries… I only miss a standard for web browsers and everyone will be happier. I’d like to work someday with holographic technology, it’s very idyllic, but it’s already a reality.

Stay tuned

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