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Start using with biicode – login with GitHub to get notified by email of new releases of a specific library. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed of any of the 1.65K biicode Projects available!


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Subscribe to any library you use or just sniff around to see all dependant blocks or libraries available – it’s up to you!

Boost dependencies from biicode tracked in

How does work?

Libraries pulls in data using their JSON apis, it uses two end points, one to get the names of all available packages, and one to get the meta data (things like description, homepage, keywords, dependencies, versions etc.). The initial import pulls data for everything, and then where available, an RSS feed is used to get the names of new or updated packages every 10 minutes, otherwise a reload of all the packages is undertaken every hour or day depending on the number of packages in each project.

Read more about HERE.

What information does fetch from biicode?

As you read above you can almost all the information from the code stored in biicode with Just in case you are confused with naming structure we use in biicode, read this brief explanation of block naming. There are three kinds of block names at biicode:

A simple block: username/username/blockname/master

dimitrikourk/small3d → dimitrikourk/dimitrikourk/small3d/master

A block track: username/username/blockname/trackname

lasote/openssl (v1.0.2) → lasote/lasote/openssl/v1.0.2

A block track from another user’s block, related to original owner’s block:


 miguel/vorbis (dimitrikourk/mingwfix)→ dimitrikourk/miguel/vorbis/mingwfix

You know we’re always available at and at our forum  for any questions yoy may have. is a project hosted in GitHub. Especial thanks to Andrew Nesbitt for the hard work. integrates with biicode

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