IoT and Arduino: Fill a SpreadSheet in your Google Drive with CC3000 WiFi and temboo service

What is this biiday project about?

Take your Arduino to filling real data from you home to any SpreadSheet in your Google Drive account, in this case with some values obtained from the 10-DOF IMU Breakout module : pitch, roll, altitude, pressure and temperature.

Our code, reuses from the diego/ardunet block in order to connect us with the CC3000 WiFi module.

And the new Ardunet block with SpreadSheet service for Arduino has the functions to achieve the data filling. The following layout was made for an Arduino Mega 2560:


Just make sure you have a temboo choreo configured in order to get data from your google account. Start a new project:

Then, just copy and paste the code below into your new main.cpp file to replicate this post:


First, you have to create a SpreadSheet in your Google Drive site. Don’t forget to fill the first row and as many columns as different information you wish to save, or you’ll have problems sending the data.



It is not necessary to download or install anything manually! Biicode manages to get everything, the temboo library, the 10-DOF IMU adafruit library and the CC3000 adafruit library, the helper functions, etc. and everything is configured automatically.

Just customise your email address in the code, and

press find button or execute:

and upload bii button or:

You might notice that you don’t need to provide your email password; Temboo is the one that knows and uses your credentials (in the example TEMBOO_CREDENTIAL), which is the name of your settings stored in Temboo, over there you configure your email provider (e.g. gmail), user and password. The connection to temboo is done via your TEMBOO_ACCOUNT, TEMBOO_APP_KEY_NAME and TEMBOO_APP_KEY, provided in their web page.

Note that there is a file missing in the ASpreadSheet_example_temboordunet block with SpreadSheet service for Arduino, it contains sensitive data: the “credentials.h” with details about your WiFi and Temboo credentials.

Check in this screenshot  how data was filled!

Temboo has hundreds of services, and using the great adafruit HW components is simple with biicode, so let your imagination fly and build your Internet of Things application!

Stay tuned

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