IoT: Control your Arduino by phone with Nexmo and Temboo (and Adafruit HW)

What’s this biiday project about? Get your Arduino to call you whenever the temperature rises!

In this case, we’re going to make our Arduino board call a phone based on the temperature value obtained from the 10-DOF IMU Breakout module, and then remotely control it with the keypad.

To connect to temboo, we’re using the Adafruit CC300 WiFi Module and reusing code from diego/ardunet.


The  layout above, was made with fritzing for an Arduino mega 2560.

If you want to make your Arduino make a phone call, we’ve made a new reusable block! . You just need to create a free Nexmo account and  reuse from davidvirseda/nexmo block.

Just make sure you have a temboo choreo configured in order to get data from your nexmo account. Start a new project:

Then, just copy and paste the code below into your new main.cpp file to replicate this post:

As you can see in this example, the Arduino board will make a phone call whenever the temperature obtained from the 10- DOF IMU Breakout module is higher than 30 degrees.

Customize the temperature that pulls the trigger and adapt the text you want to listen by the phone.

The Temboo, Nexmo and WiFi credentials are stored in “tembooaccount.h”, this file is not publicly visible to keep sensitive data in private, but it’s the header file temboo gives you when you configure your settings, and it should look like this one:

Well, you’re ready to go:

Just push or executefind button

and upload bii button


Let’s see the results with our Arduino Serial Monitor!Bii IDE

It is not necessary to download on install anything manually! Biicode manages to get everything, the temboo library, the 10-DOF IMU adafruit library and the CC3000 adafruit library, the helper functions, etc. and everything is configured automatically.

Temboo has hundreds of services, and using the great adafruit HW components is simple with biicode, so let your imagination fly and build your Internet of Things application!

Stay tuned

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