IoT: How many clicks does my bitly link get?

A really quick and small project with temboo and arduino, comes in today.

We’re just using this HW components:

Bitly Temboo Arduino

We’re reusing from this two blocks right here:

NameDescriptionInclude (s)
To control the Adafruit CC300 WiFi Module
Temboo library for Arduino, available in biicode, ready to reuse.

Just make sure you have a temboo choreo configured in order to get data from your bitly account. Start a new project:

Then, just copy and paste the code you get in temboo in your new main.cpp file, don’t forget to adapt the #include links in the cases needed.

The Temboo, Bitly and WiFi credentials are stored in “tembooaccount.h”, this file is not publicly visible to keep sensitive data in private, but it’s the header file temboo gives you when you configure your settings, and it should look like this one:

Save the project, and you’re ready to go:

Just push or executefind button

and upload bii button


Don’t forget to open the monitor to see what’s going on, and that’s it, try making your own one!

Which temboo service would you want to use?

Happy hacking!

Stay tuned

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