biicode’s new basics – git remote linking, collaborators and more

We have decided to move out of beta some of our coolest features and allow any user enjoy them. Today we are featuring git remote linking and block collaborators management but we release every two to three weeks so expect new features like these coming every fortnight or so. These functionalities are now available to all biicode users. Enjoy! you can always suggest or upvote the existing features that are ahead in our roadmap here.

Block collaborators management

When we released collaborative blocks about half a year ago, we enabled this feature only for beta-premium accounts.
There was — and there is — a lot to improve, but it makes sense you also get unlimited collaborators or admin for your unlimited free blocks.
You can assign permissions to other users: assign them permissions over some of your blocks or give them full access to all your blocks. It’s up to you and the workflow you decide to set up.

To enable this just for one block, get into your block’s settings and assign permissions:

Block settings include now collaborators

Want to enable full control of your account? Add administrators from your biicode web profile in the “Access management” section:

Access management section where you can tweak the collaborators permissions

That’s it – notifications and many other improvements are yet to come.

Publishing git remote info

Integrate biicode using git hooks. Use git remote too.

As you may recall, bii publish command publishes your code to biicode.

bii publish -r or bii publish --remote uses the git info within your block to publish it along with your block. This way everyone knows “who is” the git repo maintaining the biicode block and the specific commit creating each block version.

Just cd into your block and:

This is how publishing with bii publish --remote looks like:

Git remote publish is now available in biicode

You can mix bii publish parameters, for example:

Here’s more on publishing to biicode.

The Future

Biicode’s basic features keep getting better, so there’s still more to come. Some things will work and others might need improvements, but it’s always fun to perfect our recipes with your feature requests and bug reports.

As you know, we’re available at our forum or Stackoverflow tag. You can also write us and request features at our roadmap.

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