Flappy Bii game

As Nacho Lasheras points out in his blog Orcs and Fireballs

Once you’ve grasped the basics of coding (variables, execution flow, conditions, loops, functions, etc.) you can start learning how to develop “easy” games. It’s important to go step by step. Do not try to rush and start programming in C++, OpenGL and Android at the same time because it can be overwhelming.

Falppy Bii game developed with Box2D and GLUT

Flappy Bii game developed using Box2D and GLUT.

Despite agreeing with the bottomline we do encourage gamers to leave their fears behind and fiddle with C++. Biicode makes things so much easier that developing the simplest games is at almost anyone’s reach. To become an excellent programer like Nacho though a lot of hard work and practice is required. And that’s precisely what our interns David Virseda and Santiago Hurtado did. Based on the Flappy Bird idea they developed using biicode the Flappy Bii game. Developing Flappy Bii is simple, you just have to follow these steps.

Make your own Flappy Bii game using Box2D and GLUI libraries.

Box2D is a library with biicode. Box2D is an open source C++ engine to simulate rigid bodies in 2D, it is also used in different video-games AngryBirds motor engine.

Box2D was used to develop Flappy Bii game and you can find it in biicode

Credit: http://blog.blprnt.com/

GLUT (OpenGL UtilityToolkit) is an open source library that we use in our game to develop graphics, windows management and mouse control, and to draw all the graphic elements of the game. To use BOX2D and GLUT, you only have to include these in your code:

Find your dependency to these libraries with ~$ bii find, and the files box2d.h and glui.h will be downloaded along with the dependencies needed into the deps folder at your project. Follow these steps to play Flappy Bii game: Create a new project:

Open the code block that contains the game functionality on Biicode:

Finally, compile and execute your program and you’re ready to play! Compile:

Execute: For Windows, double click on the .exe created.

For Linux and MacOS:

To play Flappy Bii game, all you have to do is clicking the right mouse button in the game’s window to make the bii fly and pass between the gaps of the columns.



→ If you find ANY kind of trouble please take a look at the Docs and/or the Forum to find help and assistance.

→ If you are looking for motivation and a formed opinion of the gamedev industry keep going back to Orcs and Fireballs.

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