Elecnor Deimos incorporates biicode as code discovery and prototyping tool

We recently inked Elecnor Deimos as our first corporate client (yay!). Elecnor Deimos is a top tech company with over 500 engineers in staff. They provide software solutions for different sectors ranging from aerospace and aeronautics and defense to transportation or telecommunications in a EU and worldwide levels. The relevance of their clients is descriptive of the quality of their products and services; a few of them are ESA (European Space Agency), NASA, European Union, Telefónica, Siemens, Nokia
For all these top-level companies they develop a huge variety of products like Satellite imagery, air navigation systems, environmental managing systems etc. All of which are top-knotch pieces of software. But what’s even better for their clients is that Elecnor Deimos is making a bold move to support and use modern technologies like biicode or CartoDB as we’ll explain later. This could only mean that a thriving software company is not only keeping its gained quality standards but also expanding their horizons into new sectors and technologies. Never stop moving!

Elecnor deimos

How can biicode help Elecnor Deimos in software development?

Elecnor Deimos has a humongous amount of code developed in C and C++. Anyone that has managed, coordinated or simply worked in such an environment knows perfectly how hard finding something can be. Especially when ongoing ideas or code samples are not packaged and thus not ready to be reused easily. If we add to this the fact that no external libs were being called and thus any required lib was hardcoded to any given project you’ll make an idea of how complicated finding specific code snippets is. It’s basically a pain in the neck for everyday coding.
This was at first, Elecnor Deimos’ idea: to have a biicode premium account to which upload and support interesting C and C++ libs and frameworks – compatible with Subversion VCS. Eventually thay would become useful and would be searched and found in the brink of a query. In the long run, their private account will be so populated with code that basically anything required in any new project would be one #include away.

Prototyping: the key start to successful software

When a software company is successful it wins more and more clients which means eventually more and more projects. That’s precisely what has happened to Elecnor Deimos: founded barely 14 years ago by twenty intrepid engineers, it is now a multinational with presence in Spain, Portugal, UK and Romania and over 500 engineers in staff to deliver credited quality services.
Scaling resources to address the challenges that such a growth represents is not easy at all. Programmers in particular need to be more efficient and learn quick from previous experience. One of the skills most senior devs tend to point out as the one that summarizes better all there experience in the job is prototyping. When project specifications are described a good programmer starts sketching it’s layout and challenges. Once this is properly done quick solutions can be essayed; why not? At this precise moment of the project it is not only cheap but wise to fail. All sorts of hypothesis and procedures to solve the problem pop up and a quick prototype serves well to try a solution to them. biicode is the perfect match for this methodology. Read more about how to prototype with biicode in our example using ZeroMQ.
Fostering code discovery, quick prototyping and easy integration are the basic goodies anyone can benefit from when using biicode. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the things a C and C++ developer can do with biicode. Read more about our features here.

Proud to work with Elecnor Deimos

As engineers we are not only proud to work with such talented teams in Elecnor Deimos but also, as a start-up we are extremely happy to see an experienced company like Elecnor Deimos put trust and start off new projects with young start-ups like us or our fellow comrades CartoDB. They, alongside Orange, have launched a thrilling project called Telemaps, check it out!

In conclusion, we are terribly satisfied with this agreement and eager to provide a good support and service. Like the recently released premium accounts, any upcoming feature can be found in our roadmap. If you feel you share the same needs and suffer the same pains Elecnor Deimos does, do not hesitate and upgrade to a premium account! Keep you code safe and easy to find in our private accounts. Make your everyday C and C++ programming way more easy.

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