Drinkuino races at biicontest2014

Drinkuino is racing at #biicontest2014, want to know them better? Read below!

Their team leader, Pablo Toledo, answered all our questions:

 By whom is composed Drinkuino? What do you do in life?

Our team is composed by three college mates from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Mostoles campus:

  • Pablo Toledo: 3rd year student, Computing Engineer Degree.
  • Javier Colomo: 4th year student, Computing Engineer Degree.
  • Tomás Crespo: 3rd year student, Computing Engineer Degree + Technical Computing Engineer.


How long have you been playing with RaspberryPi/Arduinio?

We shared an Arduino experience in “Design of Embedded Systems and Real Time”, a college subject which Tomas and I filed this year, our Javier studied it before us. Besides, Tomas and I not only have in common studying together a subject, but also share honors in this subject.

In my particular case, I’m interested since I was a freshman in college. Actually, since I saw junior and senior students with their Arduino propothypes. I’ve had an Arduino board for three years and I usually play with it in my spare time. Also, I recently bought a Raspberrry PI and a Cubieboard 1.


What caught your attention  from #biicontest2014? What made you sign up?

You caught our attention by several things:

We want to try a more technical way to work with Arduino while we’re coding. Arduino’s IDE is not very intuitive to use with external libraries.

We were attracted by all the companies involved in the contest, we think it’s a great opportunity to prove all we are able to do.

Having a clear idea of what we can do, encourages us more to join the contest. Our project racing uses several open source libraries and this is a encouraging way to continue learning.


Why would you advise others to join?

For sure, in fact, Javier and I are very active at the social networks, where we’re supporting biicode features.


Picture: Javier Colomo and Pablo Toledo.

Now it only remains to thank Pablo for answering so kindly all our questions. Hope you enjoyed meeting him and his team!

Stay tuned

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