Drinkuino – An Arduino Cocktail Maker with Android remote control

Make an Arduino Cocktail Maker.

With Drinkuino project, you can order your drinks through your Android mobile phone and via bluetooth your Arduino will receive the order and serve them to you. Are you ready to make your own Arduino cocktail maker?

Thanks to Drinkuino team for this great project!

Arduino Cocktail Maker

Drinkuino has 4 containers, and each container has an 220V electrovalve. The Arduino is programmed to sequentially open a certain time each electrovalve.  The cocktail maker uses the Arduino to check if there’s a glass placed at the correct distance, and turns on the blue leds. Send with your phone the percentages of each liquid you want to serve. Once done, the Arduino plays an initial sound, serves the drink by opening each valve the calculated time.

Once poured the drink, the Arduino sends a singnal to the Android app , plays a “end” sound and the leds start blinking!


If there’s no glass the leds will turn on red as an indicator.

Hardware connections:

Grab your Arduino ,potentiometers, wires, resistors, microcontrollers, and start hacking!

drinkuino schema

Dare to try? The hardest part will be building the container’s structure.  If you want to make one,  you can find all the information about Drinkuino and the Android App to control the cocktail machine is available here.

Just execute:

to see everything on your computer and then compile it and upload to your Arduino.

It uses its own library called drinkuino, Meet Android library for Amarin to connect the Cocktail maker with its app, and the Ultrasonic Library for HR-SC04 Ultrasonic Ranging Module to detect if there’s a glass placed into the machine.



Stay tuned

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