Do you recognize the early signs of storm? Get help with an Arduino weather station!

You probably don’t. That’s when this summer project comes in handy, make your own Arduino Weather Station!

This project was one of the winners at #biicontest2014, made by @SpainLabs team.

You met them in our blog, didn’t you?

weather station

Is it useful? For sure! Take a look at its features:

Date (With Day of week)

Diary Alarm

Automatic turn off alarm after two minutes

Alarm ON and Alarm Sound icons

Temperature And Humidity

Outside Pressure (mBar)

Outside Luminosity (Lux)

Data record of Maximum and minimum values

Possibility to reset the values

Weather prediction

Automatic detection of sensors error

Programmable off backlight time (Min 1 minute, Max Always ON)

Turn Off the backlight when press encoder switch

Automatic exit for menus if not change in 5 seconds

Hour/Date easy adjust

Wireless communication

Only one interface with rotary encoder, simplify to use it

Do you want to replicate it fully? No worries, it includes 3D plans!

3d plan

All information and code can be found in biicode.

To use the exact same code they used, just execute these commands:

And that’s it!

Let’s take a look at its guts:

weather station inside wiring!


And that’s it!

You won’t pack wrong stuff ever again!

Enjoy summer and happy hacking!

Stay tuned

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  • Javier Martínez Martí

    Hi! the link about the information and code for this project isn’t working. Could you check it?

    • María

      Thanks for telling! It’s fixed now! Hope you make a great project! We’ve got a few posts related to weather and Arduino :)