Open source hack with biicode: Control lights with Arduino.

Try this open hardware and open source hack to turn on/off lights with just a touch.

We present you Lighttech, an Arduino project to control light via InfraRed. Thanks to @icar0 and for this great project.

Hardware needed:

Arduino Leonardo board used in the open source hack

This project involves creating an interface to control IR devices based on Free Software and Hardware. In this case the device is going to control a RGB bulb with IR technology, but it can be extrapolated to any IR device.

The project has almost all the necessary files to decode the most conventional control codes.

Connect the IR to the Arduino Leonardo like this to obtain the IR codes:

sketch connection lighttech arduino

You can change the Arduino by taking this important facts into account:

  • Big Flash Memory, enough to operate with the LCD graphics library.
  • Change the placement of the pins, you can know how by looking into the datasheet.
  • Enough space to place the LCD display above the Arduino.

After that you can set your Arduino as an emitter by connecting an IR led to its digital output pin or LED 13.

lightttech emitter arduino


Lighttech uses these libraries:

 To control the display graphics:
To control the display touch screen:
To control the IR:

The code:

You can find the code used for maganing IR devices here,  in biicode. To use it, just execute these commands:

And to check your serial port, write:

Watch this tutorial for more details on this open source hack

Got any doubts? Just post a comment!

Stay tuned

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