Compile for Arduino using any editor

Arduino IDE is a great tool for starters as it sets introduction to programming friction to a minimum. However, as soon as you want to develop more complex projects you discover it’s not enough. Sure you can edit your code with any editor, but you still need to respect Arduino IDE code structure (which is a bit restricting) if you want to be able to compile the code and flash it to your board.

We think you should be able to use any editor of your choice, be it a simple one as Notepad++ or a complex IDE as Eclipse, and you should also be able to organize your code in different folders and files.

There are a few alternate IDEs out there and some plugins for existing ones. All of them have the added complexity of having to learn a new program. Also, all of them still require you to download and install the libraries you want to use and none of them allows a simple way of sharing your code.

With biicode you can use any simple plain text editor and only need to learn two commands to get started: bii find and bii arduino:upload. That’s it. Biicode will search any needed libraries on the cloud, compile your code and flash it to your board.

These are examples of simple editors you can use, depending on your platform:

Note for advanced users: If you want to know how we set up project compilation you can have a look to our Meta-configuration of C/C++ projects with CMake post that has been published in Kitware magazine.

Step up your Arduino coding!

Try a new editor & biicode, you’ll notice the improvements!

Stay tuned

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