Come to the Dark Side, we have t-shirts

In order to get started with biicode and support our open source project we launched a while back a our Darth Vader++ campaign in which anyone that uploaded any piece of code to our cloud and had it reused by any other user would receive for free our Darth Vader++ t-shirt. The campaign has been a huge success, many libs and frameworks have been uploaded and  most importantly reused in other projects. The campaign has put in contact many lib authors with people that have reused their code in ways they could not expect. Some other times, users just asked the authors or maintainers for use cases of their code and followed up with an example. Creating community, that’s what all this is about.

Come to the Dark Side and join the C and C++ siths

I am your father Java, JS, Python, Go

However, not everyone has a formatted piece of code to upload to biicode or has professional restrictions to do so (in this case we always suggest to upgrade free accounts to premium). And we believe everyone that wants to be a proud C and/or C++ programmer by wearing our Darth Vader++ t-shirt should have one for free too. That’s why we are now launching this bring your friends to the dark side of the force campaign.
Come to the Dark Side

How do I join the dark forces and get my t-shirt?

Well, it pretty easy. Make one of your friends join the dark side of the force and tell them to add your email (the one your biicode account is linked to) or your username to the field below in the sign-up form:

Input referal email account to come to the Dark Side


We will automatically check that the user is new and contact you* to get your postal address and send you right away the Darth Vader++ t-shirt. Your friend and new biicode user has now the possibility of winning himself a t-shirt just by following the same process, welcoming any jedi to the dark side where the C and C++ sith roam.


*If we do not contact you in a reasonable space of time, please drop us a line to hero [at] biicode [dot] com Please note this is available until end of stock.

Come to the Dark Side, we have #includes

Make your friends and colleagues join biicode. Let’s make code reuse in C and C++ finally something easy. Let’s just prototype projects in a matter of minutes, let’s #include any major library in matter of lines of code. Let’s contribute all to the making of a more modern and agile C and C++ programming environments. Find below some examples of C and C++ sith lords proudly wearing their Darth Vader++ t-shirt:


Lord Victor “Fast Format” Zverovic


Diego “DRL Parser” Losada and Miguel “SDL Freak” Hernando


María “Tech Support” de Antón and Saúl “better call saghul dot com” Ibarra


Jesús “MC_ireiser” Rodríguez


Contribute to the open source client

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