Codemotion Rome 2014

Codemotion Rome gave me the chance to speak about Graph databases, so I gladly accepted. Rome is an awesome city, there is a lot of history in a small amount of space. Sometimes you can feel overwhelmed in that historical environment. On the other side of things, You can enjoy tons of good food and coffee. Let’s talk about the conference.

Opening Party

Opening party took place in Templo di Adriano, an historical temple built in 145. There we had the chance to listen to some of the speakers giving a lightning talk about different topics. After the lightning talks we had some beers and appetizers, meanwhile I met Richard Warburton, who was one of the speakers and author of Java 8 Lambdas book. I also met teowaki team, composed by two nice spaniards who are building a tool to improve team communications.

First Day

The event took place in Università Degli Studi III, Engineering Faculty, after locating the venue and looking for my speaker clearance I had to choose between all the interesting talks. In first place I went to listen Jonas Bonér, Typesafe’s CTO, who talked about reactive applications using Akka, I’m building a CI platform using this technology so I’m very interested in the topic. He explained us how the requirements and the environment have changed and one way to tackle the complexity inherited from this changes.

Right after Jonas talk, I spoke a bit with him about the topic in detail, He’s an awesome guy.

Then I enjoyed some of the free coffee and sweets and I spent the next two hours practicing my talk. After lunch I gave my talk about Graph Databases with full room and people asking cool questions.

graph databases talk image

Graph Databases talk, at Codemotion Rome 2014

Once I gave my talk, I went to listen Francesco Cesarini speaking about Erlang, He’s a very experienced erlang developer and gave us some insights from his past experiences.

I also had the chance to go to a round table where Browser performance was discussed by three engineers of Microsoft, Opera and Firefox. Unfortunately I missed someone representing Google Chrome. Anyway, it was very instructive.

Fran Fernandez, speaker at Codemotion RomeAt the end of the day we had some networking beers and I met another spaniard, Alvaro, who also spoke in codemotion about Frontend revolution. I also met some Google engineers and Flavio, a nice Italian guy who drove us to drink some beers near the speakers dinner restaurant. At the speakers dinner we enjoyed some italian food and cool conversations about technology and topics.

Second Day

Most of the talks until lunch were in Italian so I spent the morning visiting Rome. After lunch I went to some of the talks, like Software as biology where Garrett Smith gave us some insights about the parallelism between software and biology and lots of things that we can try to reproduce from nature. It was a very disruptive and inspiring talk. I highly recommend watching it online: Software as biology by Garrett Smith.

After Garrett session I listened Felipe Hoffa and Ewa Gasperowicz speaking about Google BigQuery using Freebase data measuring gender gap, very cool talk. Finally we had an unofficial speakers dinner organized by Flavio Pic, where we shared a good time and good italian food.

This post was written by Francisco Fernández, our Software developer and these are the slides he used for his speech at Codemotion:

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