Codemotion Madrid 2014

A brief comment on how the biicode team enjoyed their time at Codemotion Madrid 2014.

biicode was present at Codemotion Madrid 2014

Speakers at Codemotion Madrid 2014

Like in previous Codemotion’s editions, top notch speakers were impressive. All the talks we attended were perfectly structured and really interesting. Outstanding speakers were the main cause of the conference’s success.

Codemotion Madrid 2014 abierto a todos los lenguajes, incluidos C y C++ (aunque poco)

Here are some of our favourite speakers and talks during Codemotion Madrid 2014:

J. Daniel Garcia:  “Concurrency in Modern C++”

We’re unconditional fans of J. Daniel García – his slides though are only available in Spanish.

Unexpected as it was – because Codemotion Marid 2014 focus’ wasn’t C ++, surprise! – Concurrency in Modern C++ was packed. It was a 45-minute introduction to the new language mechanisms for portable concurrency in C++ 11/14. A success.

A brief summary:

  • Seems free lunch is over
  • C++ offers a portable mechanism for concurrency
  • Minimal concurrency through asynchronous tasks
  • Use threads to more detailed concurrency control
  • mutex as a basic concurrency mechanism
  • There’s a lot more – using a graphics card without OpenGL or CUDA?

J. Daniel Garcia:  “Simplifying  Dynamic Memory”

J. Daniel explained with grace the difference between moving and copying:

  • Everything that is born, dies.
  • Copying is expensive, moving is cheap – My daughter would rather move her homework from the living room to her room than making homework again to locate a copy on each place.
  • Use smart pointers – be mindful when using explicit new/delete + no need for a garbage collector

The Standard Library includes all these features
 J.Daniel Garcia’s slides are available in his blog.

Jorge Barroso: “Something you always wanted to know about Testing* , but were afraid to ask”

Educational and fun talk by Jorge Barroso, explaining why testing has become fundamental. From an Android developer’s perspective  Jorge gave full advice for all programmers developing in the real world – not idyllic.

David Bonilla: “Politically Incorrect”

Here’s an interview to David Bonilla (sorry – only in Spanish) by AutentiaMedia 

Full house- As you can see, our advisor David Bonilla proposed a turn of screw in our minds with a completely full venue.

Politically Incorrect Slides are available here.


Codemotion 2014 increased and improved the number of speakers and tracks. A great diversity of technologies, languages, companies and areas of software development met at Codemotion Madrid 2014.

As usual in this conferences, this diversity wasn’t evenly distributed, more than fifty percent of the conferences were about web. Altough technologies as C++ have also found its way into CodeMotion Madrid 2014 this year, we would like that in future editions other topics could also get more coverage: C/C++, embedded systems, IoT, HPC, industrial software and design, etc.

About the organization, we think it could be improved, there were talks in which there were no volunteers attending and the speakers had to ask for help to the attendees. Also, the number of attendants exceeded most of the halls’ capacities too many times. Capacity was so low that lots of people weren’t able to attend talks and needed to find a room with an available seat even though they weren’t interested in that talk, just because all the rooms were full.

If this type of conference wants to increase in popularity and prestige, these are some issues that should be adressed.

Codemotion Madrid 2014 Agenda

Keep an eye on Codemotion’s agenda to updates on videos, interviews and slides.

To sum up, the Codemotion Madrid 2014 showed some disorganization but ended leaving good senses on the attendees thanks to the great level of the speakers.

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