Multiplatform Arcade Game in 6 steps with SDL and OpenGL

Biicode already has the first adaptations of libraries like SDL, glui or freeglut, which standardize the access to the windows system. With a little bit of design, and aiming to simplify the life of the programmer, I designed some classes that can be very useful for simple 2D games. The following images are screenshots of two examples included in examples/game_utils. The second one corresponds to the shooting game application we’ll develop in this mini-tutorial:


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Flappy Bii game

As Nacho Lasheras points out in his blog Orcs and Fireballs

Once you’ve grasped the basics of coding (variables, execution flow, conditions, loops, functions, etc.) you can start learning how to develop “easy” games. It’s important to go step by step. Do not try to rush and start programming in C++, OpenGL and Android at the same time because it can be overwhelming.

Falppy Bii game developed with Box2D and GLUT

Flappy Bii game developed using Box2D and GLUT.

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