Hacklab UPM – bq

HackLab UPM – bq was born on October the 16, 2014 as an initiative from both bq and ETSIDI-UPM. It is a work-space for students to materialize their ideas. As simple as a group of students who want to develop their maker spirit, learn programming, electronics and 3D design.

Hacklab UPM – bq: Unleash your Arduino projects with biicode

On November 27,2014 we had the great chance to spread the word about using biicode to unleash Arduino projects.

Hacklab UPM-BQ: Unleashing Arduino projects with biicode

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Europython 2014 in Berlin

Our employees @hithwen and @fcofdezc are giving talks at @europython!


Credit: EuroPython

Don’t miss our employees’s talks at EuroPython!

Francisco Fernández, @fcofdezc

  •  22 July

Extending Python, what is the best option for me?

  •  23 July

Graph Databases, a little connected tour

 Julia S. Simón, @hithwen

  •  24 July

Multiplatform binary packaging and distribution of your client apps

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