Build a smiley mechatronic face today with biicode and arduino!

Control 12 servo motors located in a mechatronic face. It uses a makey makey board to switch between controllers: a wii nunchuck or a tv remote control.

This biiday project comes in by Julio Caso, one of our users!

mechatronic face biicode

Follow this step by step recipe to successfully build this project. If any doubts come, just post a comment!

Mechatronic Face Main Ingredients:

Let’s get down to work!

 Connect the Leds:
  •  Led 1
  Pin 13
  •  Led 2
  Pin 12
 The nunchuck:
  •  Power Pin
  Pin A3
  • Trigger Pin
  Pin 5
  • Servo Pin
  Pin 10
  •  GND Pin
  Pin A2
And finally, build the face and screw the different parts.


All the coding, connections and 3-D plans are located in here.

Want to try it?  Execute this commands:

And that’s it!

Watch Julio’s demo:


Summer is a great time to be a maker, what are you making?

Happy hacking!

Stay tuned

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