#biicontest 2014 submit deadline is here!

You can relax now, we’ve got all your awesome projects.

Now it’s time for our great jurors to discuss which project is better. We’re pretty certain that their experienced hands, will choose accurately!

We’ll announce the winners April 30th 2014.

Wanna know more about our contestants? Meet PROHUS Telecoum Team:

1. By whom is composed PROHUS Teloucom? What do you do in life?

We are three old friends from school, Lops, Tronxo and Peri.

Lops is an Industrial Engineering student at UPM, Madrid, currently working on his final project in the Electronics department, also a member of RESET (an electronics student society in his university).

Tronxo is again a student at UPM, currently finishing his final project in Telecommunication Engineering in Sweden.

Peri is a Maths graduate from UCM, Madrid, currently working on his Master’s project in Complex Systems, in the UK.

2. How long have you been playing with RaspberryPi/Arduino?

Lops met Arduino about five years ago, in a musical electronics lecture. He has participated in several robotic contests from then on.

Tronxo has actually never used either of those before, but has experience with other microcontrollers and platforms.

Peri discovered the Raspberry Pi two years ago, and Arduino last Christmas. He has been trying to teach himself something useful since then.

3. What caught your attention from #biicontest2014? What made you sign up?

The opportunity to work in something we like and having the chance to win nice prizes is very tempting!

Also, as we all live in different countries at the moment, it is a good way to keep in touch.

4. Would you advise others to join?

Of course! Sharing is the main feature in Biicode, the more the merrier.

We would also like to thank Antonio Barrientos for letting us know through RESET‘s newsletter!


Stay tuned

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