Biicontest is over! Meet the winners

Winners Biicontest 2014

Biicontest 2014 has come to its end, and it brings along great projects!

We were so pumped to receive submissions from all over the world. Each one was so great and unique in their own way. The Jury, composed by companies like Google, BQ, Dymotics, Tetuán Valley, Bricogeek and Biicode, had to make a really difficult call as there were very good projects among participants. It was nearly impossible to choose the best ones, but after a detailed account of points and much deliberation: Biicode is pleased to announce the winners of biicontest2014!

1st Prize goes to Coconauts. and their WatchDuino.

2nd Prize goest to Benefacieur  with his project blocporc.

3rd Prize goes to Pruli. with their simon says game.

Video of Pruli’s Simon Says game for biicontest2014 at dropbox

& The best 3D printed project prize is for SpainLabs and their weather station.


Thanks so much to everybody who sent in projects! Do you want to become a maker? Replicate one of our winning or finalist projects.

Stay tuned

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