biicode 3.0: open source, premium accounts and much more

On Wednesday we released biicode 3.0. The listicle of feature is as follows:

  • Open source release of client and common repositories, dev infraestructure re-made
  • Release of premium accounts for private blocks
  • Enabled OAuth with Github and Google
  • Fixed bug in C++ parser for using statements
  • Fixed bug in [tests] pattern that incorrectly affected dependencies
  • New Terms of Service, clarifying source code licenses and accounting for premium accounts and open source contributions
  • Fixed bug in user folder ”.biicode” path, some config files were stored out of it

You can find them in the docs as always →


OAuth is now active in biicode 3.0

Easily and secure sing up or log in with OAuth protocol. We have enabled OAuth for GitHub and Google users.
Contribute to biicode's open source client

Premium accounts

We also released the premium accounts. We now have two service offers: free and premium accounts. If you’re just prototyping and mocking a new project, if you or your company have security clearance policies or you just want to keep your code off the eyes of the rest just upgrade your free account to premium for less than $ 7 a month and enjoy an UNLIMITED amount of private blocks! Prices are Euros (€) but we have temporarily included a currency converter for your help. We will eventually have price plans in, at least, Dollars ($) too.







Private blocks:0UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

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