biicode 2.0 is out

biicode 2.0’s press release

C/C++ dependency manager biicode 2.0

Because managing a project with multiple dependencies is still a pain in C or C++, biicode sets it up with one #include.

For C/C++ developers that think a dependency manager is needed, biicode is a multiplatform tool and hosting service that allows you to build your projects easily, integrate third party code and reuse code among projects with just #includes.

biicode 2.0 includes:

  • View online which blocks depend on your code
  • Premium accounts in which code can also be stored privately and shared alike. Just like Github’s private repos
  • New and simpler configuration in a single “biicode.conf” file, instead of several tiny files granting more flexibility
  • A new system to reuse CMake scripts. Now, CMakeLists.txt can automatically depend on existing CMake scripts, they will be automatically retrieved, versioned, shared, exactly as other source code files
  • Improved CMake build system, with Interface targets. Possibility of setting options to and configuring blocks you depend on
  • Possible to specify #include mappings to blocks, so no modification at all is necessary in code
  • Support for Arduino 1.5 for Yun board
  • Python hooks for custom tasks. Examples of hooks that automatically retrieve and configure system-wide some popular and large frameworks as OpenCV, wxWidgets or Boost
  • Blocks can use different variants, called “tracks” to choose and switch between lib versions or flavours. For example, can be used to maintain several development branches simultaneously as lasote/libuv(v1.0) and lasote/libuv(v0.10), and changing from one to the other does not require any change to code
  • Big update in documentation, both in style and contents

About biicode: biicode is a tech start-up based in Madrid, Spain. We develop a C and C++ dependency manager with a hosting service (like Maven and Maven central for Java but for C and C++). We want code reuse made simple.
We have been running for almost two years thanks to two investors: Big Sur Ventures and Entrecanales Foundation.

Throughout years of teaching how to code in C and C++, UPM Robotics, Programming and Computing professors and later founders of biicode Pablo San Segundo, Miguel Hernando and Diego Rodríguez-Losada decided it was about time to finish with the pain of managing dependencies in those languages.

Soon after launching the start-up, we were awarded with IBM Smartcamp 2013. This kind of support and the encouraging feedback from several independent programming communities made us realize we were not alone in the quest to finish this pain after all: even with biicode in beta we find that redditors from r/cpp (almost 25.000 C++ programmers subscribed) consider biicode part of a killer suite for C/C++:

Seems to me like biicode, cmake and git (together with jenkins and google test framework) would be a killer software configuration suite for C++ devs.

A few more testimonials on Twitter:

A little more: biicode has been already used by indie game devs, Arduino devs and open source evangelists. Our tool is based in CMake and has been integrated with, ArchLinux or Travis CI and our articles have been featured in the ISO C++ committee’s site. We are very integrated in the Spanish and European C and C++ communities: we host the Madrid C and C++ meetup and we sponsor Using std :: cpp and Meeting C++, the second biggest C++ event in the world. We have also very recently decided to go Open Source and launched a campaign consequently to validate our ideas and involve the community in our growth.

Grey biicode 2.0 logo

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