bicontest2014 registration is now closed

We want to thank all the teams for joining #biicontest2014, we’re delighted that they had enough courage to participate.

The moment of truth has arrived:  put the icing on your cakes and deliver them before the 13th April 2014.

We’re waiting forward to see the results of your hard work!

By now, you can get to know better some of our newest teams:

Our contestant María, she’s Nunen team all by herself. She is technical computing engineer, she tinkers a little with Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Biicontest caught her eye in cause of the chance to develop a project and try a new tool.

Pruli team is formed by Álvaro López, technical industrial engineer and current student of the master about automatic and robotics and Carlos Sánchez is studying engineering in telecomunications. They’re friends from school.

Each of them started playing with Raspberry PI and Arduino in different times, Álvaro began 4 o 5 years ago when in College, they bought a 3D printer and became interested in this world, making small projects with arduino and helping his partners with their hardware projects, even though I’ve never used Raspberry PI. Carlos started making small projects with Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 years ago. He usually made software projects: using a Raspbery to develop a database server, a web server … His first experience with Arduino was making a 3D printer at home and he has done different projects involving Arduino an 3D printing ever since.

What caught their attention?

In their own words: “the contest was launched by a Spanish company, in Madrid to be precise, it also caught our attention the amount of sponsors, companies where we usually buy. The prizes were relevant too. In addition to everything mentioned, Álvaro knows some of the people involved in Biicode.”

Would they advise others to join?

Nunen doesn’t doubt it: for sure she will.

And Pruli clearly recommend to everyone who loves this world to join now, because first of all they’ll know a tool that can be very useful for their next projecs, and they can win fantastic prizes.


Happy coding!


Stay tuned

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