Drinkuino – An Arduino Cocktail Maker with Android remote control

Make an Arduino Cocktail Maker.

With Drinkuino project, you can order your drinks through your Android mobile phone and via bluetooth your Arduino will receive the order and serve them to you. Are you ready to make your own Arduino cocktail maker?

Thanks to Drinkuino team for this great project!

Arduino Cocktail Maker

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Open source hack with biicode: Control lights with Arduino.

Try this open hardware and open source hack to turn on/off lights with just a touch.

We present you Lighttech, an Arduino project to control light via InfraRed. Thanks to @icar0 and for this great project.

Hardware needed:

Arduino Leonardo board used in the open source hack

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Work hard, play hard: new release, biicode 1.0 is already here!

Every once in a while, we all have to work harder than ever. It’s probably different for each one of us, but we all feel the willpower to achieve greatness.

For us, biicoders, it means working pretty hard (for almost two months) on a major release: Biicode 1.0 , with numerous demanded features you have been asking for.

This is a foretaste before you Get Started!

  • no more workspaces.
  • no sign up needed.
  • flat-files, fully integrable with version control systems.
  • greater configuration options of biicode with CMake.
  • you can publish as DEV, the development tag, so you can test your stuff.

And to take a breath right before putting the finishing touches to biicode 1.0, we went to play paint-ball.

Paint-Ball Biicode

After that we joined for a tasty barbecue!

Sign up  today and don’t miss the results of this work hard – play hard!

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Europython 2014 in Berlin

Our employees @hithwen and @fcofdezc are giving talks at @europython!


Credit: EuroPython

Don’t miss our employees’s talks at EuroPython!

Francisco Fernández, @fcofdezc

  •  22 July

Extending Python, what is the best option for me?

  •  23 July

Graph Databases, a little connected tour

 Julia S. Simón, @hithwen

  •  24 July

Multiplatform binary packaging and distribution of your client apps

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Build a smiley mechatronic face today with biicode and arduino!

Control 12 servo motors located in a mechatronic face. It uses a makey makey board to switch between controllers: a wii nunchuck or a tv remote control.

This biiday project comes in by Julio Caso, one of our users!

mechatronic face biicode

Follow this step by step recipe to successfully build this project. If any doubts come, just post a comment!

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