Template Metaprogramming with Modern C++: Introduction

Template Metaprogramming with Modern C++: Introduction

Any sufficiently complex C++ code is indistinguishable from trolling

Arthur C. Clarke


Template metaprogramming is one of the things that makes C++ that complex, poor known, and sometimes horrible language. However, its power and expressiveness are some of the best features of C++.

Extensible and fully generic C++ libraries aren’t possible without template metapogramming. Even the Standard Library implementations hide many template metaprogramming tricks to make standard containers and algorithms that generic, high level, and efficient tools we use everyday.

The fact that tmp is a powerful tool can be seen in the evolution of the language, which now has features designed to improve metaprogramming, see C++11 <type_traits>, C++11 variadic templates, C++14 variable templates, C++14std::integer_sequence, etc.

template metaprogramming

Credit: https://gitorious.org/metatrace

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