POCO C++ Libraries are now available in biicode

The POCO C++ Libraries are, like their own web recites, “Modern, powerful open source C++ class libraries and frameworks for building network- and internet-based applications that run on desktop, server, mobile and embedded systems“. They were created by Günter Obiltschnig in 2004 and have been extended by enthusiastic C++ developers from all over the world.

POCO C++ Libraries working fine in biicode

Now, you have the following versions available in biicode:

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IoT and Arduino: Fill a SpreadSheet in your Google Drive with CC3000 WiFi and temboo service

What is this biiday project about?

Take your Arduino to filling real data from you home to any SpreadSheet in your Google Drive account, in this case with some values obtained from the 10-DOF IMU Breakout module : pitch, roll, altitude, pressure and temperature.

Our code, reuses from the diego/ardunet block in order to connect us with the CC3000 WiFi module.

And the new Ardunet block with SpreadSheet service for Arduino has the functions to achieve the data filling. The following layout was made for an Arduino Mega 2560:

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5.0″ TFT Display calibration with Touchscreen and EEPROM

Today, you can learn how to save the calibration matrix in your EEPROM and load it any time you use your  TFT Display.

TFT display calibration

Everytime you use the TFT Display you have to calibrate it for drawing anything properly. We can use the Arduino EEPROM to save the  TFT Display calibration matrix and then use it anytime you want easier than ever before.

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