Give sound to your C++ projects with fmod

When developing new applications or tiny games with SDL, OpenGL or small3D, a requested and valuable feature is adding sound effects, raising alarms or creating new atmospheres. With this feature in mind and thanks to the work of FMOD and Miguel Hernando we announce today a new block that incorporates all the functionality to your project: EasySound.

What does fmod do?

EasySound wraps the main functionality of the low-level fmod api and can deal with different kinds of sound files and formats: mp3, wav, ogg. FMOD is an audio tool developed by Firelight Technologies focused on the development of professional video games. It has been used in over 2000 games and has integration with well-known game engines such as Unity or Havok.

fmod logo

At EasySound block, there is a simple class called EasyPlayer which is a very straightforward way to handle sounds.

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Project Domo: Domotics with Arduino

Turning the heating on before arriving home, watching real-time video from the inside, automatically turning the alarm on when you leave home… These are common tasks you would like to implement in a smart domotized home.

However, incorporating domotic systems to our home is still hard due to lack of an effective, simple and cheap commercial solution that fits our needs, or maybe the steps required to make it yourself are far too complex. When you realize the options available aren’t what you were looking for, and you have tried DIY solutions to automate things with Arduino, the idea comes up clear to your mind: I want to create my own domotics with arduino.

Domotics with Arduino

In this post I will talk about my domotics project using Arduino to incorporate some automation to my bedroom.

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