IoT: Control your Arduino by phone with Nexmo and Temboo (and Adafruit HW)

What’s this biiday project about? Get your Arduino to call you whenever the temperature rises!

In this case, we’re going to make our Arduino board call a phone based on the temperature value obtained from the 10-DOF IMU Breakout module, and then remotely control it with the keypad.

To connect to temboo, we’re using the Adafruit CC300 WiFi Module and reusing code from diego/ardunet.

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Exclusively at biicode, BitScan library!

We like having at your disposal all types of libraries and today we’re bringing BITSCAN, a new C++  64bit library that our co-founder Pablo San Segundo built.

BITSCAN is optimized for fast bitscanning operations.

How does it operate?  It manages bit strings and collects the bits in strings of 64 bits .

BITSCAN library has been used successfully to implement BBMC (bit board maximum clique), an efficient state of the art maximum clique algorithm.

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Pre-PyConES Hackathon with James Powell

For those of you already arriving in Madrid on Friday and can’t wait to get your hands on code, we are going to host a CPython Hackathon at our office. We are excited to have the amazing James Powell over for a workshop and some great insights on Python.

The duration will be approximately 3 hours with an open format, in which you can ask for help, make comments and have a beer whenever you want to. The Hackaton will take place in our offices and doesn’t cost you a thing. Get your laptops and connect with others for fun, coding and networking.

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