Arduino File Manager and Editor project

Make a cute Arduino file manager and editor. It’s also intended for hosting sketches and interact with them in an easy way using a PS2 Keyboard.

Thanks to Juan who developed this project called blocporc!

arduino file manager

List of Arduino file manager and editor parts:

  • Arduino Mega 2560
  • GLCD display: preferably a KS0108 based. Depending on the type of panel (A, B or C) the connections will vary, but it’s really well explained at the docs of the glcd library (
  • SD card reader (remember that SD cards are 3.3v-powered devices! You can accomplish by using a voltage divider implemented with two resistors):
    SD PinMega Pin
  • PCF8583: it uses the I2C bus. Since this IC can be powered from 3 to 5 volts, you can use two diodes for adding the 3v cell battery. Note: due to the high speed of this bus and to the proximity of a lot of signals (SD, Keyboard…) it’s highly likely that you will need to twist and shield the wires. I’ve shielded them with a lot of aluminium foil; it works great!
  • Keyboard:
    Keyboard PinMega Pin
  • Enclosure: a wooden or plastic box.

The coding.

Open the terminal and execute these commands to see everything on your computer and then compile it and upload to your Arduino.

Broadly speaking, with blocporc you can create and edit .txt files that are stored in a SD card.

To read a step by step guide and the code used to build this project, take a look into its biicode repository online:

Happy hacking!

Stay tuned

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