API Days Mediterranea

Past 29th and 30rd of May I had the chance to attend API Days Mediterranea in Barcelona thanks to a free ticket that Python Spain gave me.

This conference was mainly about REST API’s and how people are dealing with this web architectural approach proposed by Roy Fielding in his PhD dissertation.

apidays mediterranea

Pic from Kinlane. 

Hypermedia was the most repeated word during the conference, It seems that cool kids are moving on from RESTFUL APIs to Hypermedia APIs. The idea is simple, as well as you have links in a web page to navigate from one place to another, REST Apis should provide links related to the resource with we are dealing. @Steve Klabnik, who was supposed to be speaking at the conference, couldn’t assist, but he’s currently writing a book related to the topic, Designing Hypermedia APIs.

I met Javier Ramirez, one of the founders of Teowaki, who I also met in Codemotion Rome. He did two outstanding talks. He spoke about usable REST APIs and also about using Redis and BigQuery to do API analytics.

There were another interesting talks like WaaF – The web as a framework, where Yann Irbah spoke about why is a good idea to divide monolithic apps into micro services using HTTP, and AMQP as protocols to communicate these micro services.

Ori A Pekelman  a cool presentation, titled Giant Zombie Robots Will Eat Your Brain Or Skynet as a Service, about the evolution of semantic web and how we should tend to design Hypermedia APIs.

Aitor Guevara from Ducksboard, spoke us about Libsaas an open source library written in Python to deal in an abstract way with different APIs, they support tons of APIs into their service, so they had to design a library to deal with all this casuistic in a homogeneous way.

I also discovered that there are API Evangelists, it may sound strange, but these people pray that everyone should be able to understand how apis work.

Finally, on Friday people who work in Twitter and Dropbox show us how they deal with huge amount of requests, and how they are evolving their widely used apis.

I also had time to visit Barcelona, a really nice city.

Stay tuned

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